You can make a difference!

• Teach children the true meaning of responsible pet ownership and love by sterilizing your pets to prevent the birth of more homeless animals.

• Adopt a homeless pet.

• Spay or neuter a local stray.

• Tell others the good reasons to spay and neuter pets.

• Volunteer with Natchitoches Hope for Paws.

Click below for a Spay & Neuter application
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• In most Parishes in LA, 80% of the animals impounded yearly are euthanized.

• Neutered/spayed pets are less aggressive, less likely to fight, and less likely to bite, as documented in studies.

• Spayed females typically stay healthier and live longer. They have a lower incidence of mammary tumors and no uterine or ovarian cancers, which is better for your pet and means lower medical bills.

• Neutered/spayed pets (especially males) are less territorial and less likely to roam.

• Research indicates that 80% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered males.

Natchitoches Hope for Paws is proud to announce, "Keep Natchitoches Beautiful, Don't LITTER, Spay and Neuter program for dogs and cats for 2015.  Financed through fundraisers and donations, Natchitoches Hope for Paws is offering reduced cost Pet spaying and neutering for residents of Natchitoches Parish.

Highlights of this program:

• Applications will be reviewed each month until November 2015 pending continued availability of funds from fundraisers and community donations.
• Participants may choose a veterinarian to perform the surgery. 
• Participants will be contacted via email or phone
• Veterinarians will be contacted via phone
• Natchitoches Hope For Paws will pay the vet directly
• Preference will be given to first time users
• ONE application for one animal per YEAR.


Calendar of Events
June 4 - Thursday 
NHFP meeting: 5:30pm
Natchitoches Arts Center 
716 Second St.
Open to the Public
June 13 – Saturday
PetSmart Adoption Event
7061 Youree Drive
Shreveport, La. 

June 18 Thursday
Chili's Give Back Night
932 Keyser Avenue
Natchitoches, La.

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